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JOYCE-CF is located in Western Germany around the cities of Cologne, Bonn and Jülich.

It combines three different sites: the Jülich Column Observatory (JuCol), the Jülich X-band polarimetric weather radar (JuXPol) and the Bonn X-band polarimetric weather radar (BoXPol).

Apart from BoXPol and JuXPol most other key instruments are located at JuCol, at Forschungszentrum Jülich, 3 km south east of the city of Jülich.

LocationOverview of the JOYCE-CF region. The positions of the instruments are indicated by clouds.
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The topography in the area of JOYCE-CF is generally rather flat apart from large lignite open pit mines. A 200 m tall artificial hill (Sophienhöhe) has been erected from mining debris 2 km northeast of JuCol. JuXPol is located on top of this hill. BoXPol is located 48 km southeast of JuCol near the city center of Bonn.

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