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Are you fascinated by clouds and precipitation?

Are you interested in understanding the physical processes which are involved?

Do you want to learn how cloud processes are observed?

Then studying Meteorology in the scope of the CPEX-LAB at one of the two Universities in Bonn or Cologne is of interest for you. The study program of both universities has a strong cloud and precipitation focus, but also cover their importance in terms of weather and climate process understanding.

Due to the active involvement of the Universities of Bonn and Cologne into national and international science projects and measurement campaigns. Therefore, students are taught state of the art knowledge during their lectures and whenever there is the opoortunity they can get involved into the scientific process, e.g. data analysis tasks within a seminar or module. That is why,to study Meteorology in the CPEX-LAB framework is the best option when it comes to the observation, modeling, statistical analysis, and development of the next generation of cloud and precipitation understanding.

Interested? Then visit one the sites of the Meteorlogical institutes in Bonn or Cologne to get more information about the study programs or to inform yourself about the opportunity for possible PhD thesis works.

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