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Meteorological measurements from Bonn:

© Bernhard Pospichal

Weather station in Bonn

Standard meteorological measurement obtained at the Meteorological Institute of the University of Bonn

Rain observations:

© Lukas Pfitzenmaier (IGMK)

CPEX-LAB Rain Radars Bonn/Jülich

Measurements of two rain radars located in Bonn and Jülich. Shown is the composite of the two radars as a movie spanning over the last 2 hours.

Observations at JOYCE:

© Lukas Pfitzenmaier (IGMK)

Radar measurements JOYCE

Measurement of a vertical pointing cloud radar located at JOYCE. Graphs show todays cloud situation measured over the Forschungszentrum

© Lukas Pfitzenmaier (IGMK)

Ceilometer measurements JOYCE

Measurement of the Ceilometer located at JOYCE. Graphs show todays aerosol layers and cloud bases measured over the Forschungszentrum Jülich

© Lukas Pfitzenmaier (IGMK)

Cloudnet Classification JOYCE

Results of the automated Atmospheric target classification algorithm CloudNet (

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