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Polarimetric Radar Observations Meet Modelling

Clouds and precipitation processes are still the main source for uncertainties in weather prediction and climate change since decades. With the fusion of radar polarimetry, numerical atmospheric modelling and data assimilation, these uncertainties are reduced by an improved understanding of cloud and precipitation processes. Since 2015, the whole of Germany is covered by 16 polarimetric C-band radars. This, together with the embedded JOYCE, offers an ideal observation infrastructure for research in clouds and precipitation within SPP-PROM.
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Stereo-Observation of clouds for validation of Large Eddy Simulations

The development and representation of cloud fields in models is still challenging due to their heterogeneous nature. Using stereo camera observations makes it possible to create 4D observations of cloud fields and their evolution. In synergy with radiation measurements the data will be used to validate models and improve the representation of clouds.

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