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Software upgrade for the polarimetric X-band radars BoXPol and JuXPol

In 2017 both polarimetric X-band radars BoXPol and JuXPol got an software upgrade from their former Enigma III processor (Gamic mbH) to the Enigma IV processor.

BoXPol has operated with Enigma III since April 2009, successfully. After 8 years the signal processor had to be updated to stay with state of the art research. Enigma IV was successfully installed after a few days in April 2017. The upgrade made it possible to exceed the processed data amount and include the output with additional information about the polarimetric moments and several additional setting possibilities.

JuXPol did not only receive an upgrade in the signal processor, but also expected a few hardware replacements. A new fibre cable was installed for data transfer from the parabolic dish to the signal processor. Additionally the control engine was completely replaced by a new one after 7 years of operation at the exposed position on an artificial hill from open pit mining. Due to these constructions, the upgrade took a few days longer but the new installations successfully started working at 14 October 2017.

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