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Cloud Remote Sensing Projects


Aerosol Cloud and Trace Gas Research InfraStructure

The Jülich ObservatorY for Cloud Evolution (JOYCE) has contributed to the ground-based cloud observation network (Cloudnet) since 2010. Cloudnet was followed up by ACTRIS which is currently being established as a long-term sustainable European research infrastructure. Within ACTRIS, the JOYCE observation platform is planned to be extended. Also, JOYCE will serve as the microwave radiometer node within the ACTRIS Center for Cloud Remote Sensing (CCRES).
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Cloud Profiling for Satellite Validation

The ESA-funded FRM4Radar project focuses on the development of calibration and validation products for satellite-based cloud profiling radars. The initial 94-GHz radar network makes it possible to explore different weather and cloud conditions present over continental Europe. Next, these measurements will create the base for the development of calibration and validation (Cal/Val) products of the Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR) on board the ESA Earth Cloud Aerosols and Radiation Explorer satellite (EarthCARE) satellite.

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