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JOYCE-CF Instruments

The large variety of instrument types of JOYCE-CF provides a comprehensive insight into cloud and precipitation processes and the atmospherical state. All instruments are operation continuously and have provided data already for many years.

This page is currently being updated. A detailed instrument list and description can be found at JOYCE-CF Instrumentation.

Most instruments are located at the two main sites JuCol (at Forschungszentrum Jülich) and Bonn (at University of Bonn).

In the following you can click on the instrument name in order to get a PDF document with detailed information about the instrument.


JuCol (located at Forschungszentrum Jülich)

  • Ka-Band cloud radar (JOYRAD-35)
  • X-Band cloud radar (JOYRAD-10)
  • W-Band cloud radar (JOYRAD-94)
  • Micro rain radar (MRR-04)
  • Ceilometer (CHM15k-02)
  • Ceilometer (CT25k)
  • Doppler wind lidar (HALO)
  •  K/V-Band Microwave radiometer (TOPHAT) (PDF, 142 kB)
  • Infrared spectrometer (AERI)
  • Sun photometer (Cimel)
  • Shadowband radiometer (MFRSR)
  • Pyranometer (CMP21)
  • Pyrgeometer (CGR4)
  • Pyrheliometer (CHP1)
  • Infrared pyrometer (TOPHAT)
  • Disdrometer (Parsivel-02)
  • Pluviometer (Pluvio-02)
  • Total sky imager (TSI)
  • Photovoltaic module (PVM)

JuXPol (located at Sophienhöhe)



University of Bonn



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To get access to data, measurement time, or if you want to install an own instrument please use our request sheets:

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