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Profiling of winds, humidity, aerosols and temperature

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The knowledge of thermodynamic profiles within the atmospheric boundary layer increases the understanding of processes that lead to cloud formation. Therefore, a variety of instruments are operated at JOYCE-CF to observe profiles of wind, humidity and temperature.

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CEILOMETERBonn, JülichCeilometer-01.pdf

JOYCE-CF data products include comprehensive observations on the whole life cycle of clouds and precipitation. Besides single instrument observations, the main focus lies on synergetic products based on several observation methods, especially for classification of precipitation, clouds and boundary layer structure. Most datasets are available 24/7 and also raw data can be accessed on request.

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Data Request

If you can not find your data of interest in the SAMD or University of Bonn database, and if you are interested in any kind of data, either from the instrument itself or data products, please fill in the

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Instrument-Installation Request

Beside a large set of data JOYCE-CF also offers its users to install own instrumentation. If you are interested to test your instrument, or want to hold a measurement campaign, please fill in the

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Measurement-Time Request

Some of the JOYCE-CF instrumentation can be requested for special measurement time with specific set-ups or scan strategies (measurement campaigns or in addition to your own instrument installation). If you want to request measurement time for any instrument, please fill in the

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