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Laboratory for students

Every year in summer semester the meteorological laboratory takes place for the meteorological students in Bonn and Cologne. During the lab the students learn how to handle meteorological equipment, how to deal with the different data and learn a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of different measurement types.

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Four major meteorological variables are in the first focus: pressure, wind, temperature and precipitation. In 4 Experiment the students test different equipment in idealized conditions and figure out their pros and cons. Additionally to these experiments they have to participate in a field campaign, where they test different equipment under real conditions. The aim of the course is to handle meteorological equipment with all features, starting from the setup and calibration to data analysis and the analysis of the meteorological variable. The used instrumentation for the laboratory is part of JOYCE-CF instrumentation. For the field campaign the “Trailer” is one key part and already combines a set of instruments for important meteorological observations.

The 2020 Laboratory has been suspended due to the current Covid19 situation. More information can be found here

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